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Protect California Renters.
Encourage New Homebuilding.

Vote YES on AB 1482.


"We support AB 1482 because it will keep rents down and prevent gentrification that is destroying our longtime communities."

Alice Huffman,
President, California State Conference of the NAACP

“AB1482 will keep families in their homes by enacting the state’s first-ever statewide rent control.”

John Gamboa,
Vice Chair, The Two Hundred

"AB 1482 will help combat the state's affordable housing crisis by preventing rent gouging, while also encouraging new homebuilding."

Robert Apodaca,
Executive Director, United Latinos Vote

"California YIMBY supports AB 1482 because it will protect 8 million Californians from unreasonable rent increases & unjust evictions."

Brian Hanlon,
President & CEO, California YIMBY

“While wages have remained stagnant housing costs in California have skyrocketed. Our economy is challenging and those challenges bring hardship to working people. Fear of losing your housing should not be an added hardship. Join us in support of AB 1482.”

California Labor Federation

“With amendments that exempt most single-family homes and extend the exemption on new construction, AB 1482 now strikes the right balance between providing better protections and certainty for renters while ensuring investment in new multifamily and single-family housing development.”

Rob Lapsley,
President, California Business Roundtable

“AB 1482 strikes the right balance between providing protections to renters while also encouraging continued new homebuilding, ensuring families and workers will have an affordable place to live.”

Julian Canete,
President & CEO, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce

“We are in strong support of AB 1482 as part of a comprehensive package of bills that protect tenants’ rights and allow working families to remain in their homes while the state continues to address the housing crisis.”

Cesar Diaz,
Legislative Director, State Building & Construction Trades Council, AFL-CIO

“The ACLU has long fought to protect and defend the civil and human rights of people experiencing homelessness and housing discrimination. AB 1482 is an important step in the right direction and will help address our escalating interconnected homelessness and housing crisis.”

Clarissa Woo Hermosillo,
Director of Economic Justice, ACLU SoCal

“All over California, people — regardless of income or race — are struggling to keep up with the rent. We are pushed into the street or into our cars because profiteering corporate landlords evict us unjustly. No Californian should fear that one missed paycheck or emergency will cost us our homes. SEIU members and our families support AB 1482 because it will #KeepFamiliesHome. We applaud the leadership of Governor Gavin Newsom, the Senate, and the Assembly, who came together to protect millions of renters in California and give us the stability we need to achieve the California Dream."

Cesar Diaz,
April Verrett
Executive Board Member, SEIU California President, SEIU Local 2015

“Low-income tenants across California are struggling to stay afloat in California’s brutal housing market. Renters should not have to live with the constant fear of losing their housing due to a massive rent increase or an unfair eviction. AB 1482 will deliver desperately needed relief.”

Anya Lawler,
Policy Advocate, Western Center on Law and Poverty

"Today, millions of veterans are struggling to find affordable housing. AB 1482 will provide much needed rent relief, keeping our veterans and their families in their homes, while also ensuring continued homebuilding. It's a step in the right direction to solve California's housing crisis."

Frederick A. Romero,
State Commander, American GI Forum of California

Housing Affordability Crisis: The Most Pressing Issue Facing California Today. 

Affordable housing is one of the most important issues facing the Legislature this year. We must advance policies that work to address the state’s housing crisis from multiple angles.

Proposed Assembly Bill 1482 (AB 1482) will provide meaningful and comprehensive rent control relief for California families while encouraging new homebuilding. The legislature will vote soon. Tell your legislator to vote YES on AB 1482. Complete the form below to send the message.

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Assembly Bill 1482 will provide meaningful and comprehensive rent control relief for California families.

AB 1482 will provide certainty to tenants.

AB 1482 will keep families in their homes by tying caps on annual rent increases to the regional consumer price index (CPI) plus 5%, implementing California’s first-ever statewide rent control.

AB 1482 will encourage new homebuilding.

AB 1482 will also provide certainty to developers by exempting new construction for the first 15 years. This rolling exemption will address the acute supply shortage by encouraging developers to build more critically needed housing, while also ensuring we are adding new units under rent control protections.

AB 1482 will protect tenants in California.

AB 1482 will enhance safeguards for tenants statewide by ensuring they receive a 60-day eviction notice and a 1-month relocation fee if they are evicted after the first 12 months of a lease.

AB 1482 will prevent rent gouging.

AB 1482’s statewide rent cap applies to all multi-family housing over 15 years old covering more than 95% of all multi-family housing units, and all single-family homes that are corporately owned, ensuring landlords cannot take advantage of tenants through rent gouging.